Que Voz feio (醜い声 / plain voices) . 2011


●日本語字幕 / Japanese subtitles


●English subtitles




2チャンネル ビデオ/8min

text / イメージフォーラム・フェスティバル2011,カタログより抜粋



2 channel video / 8min

text from the catalog of Imageforum film festival 2011

Two female twins are in separate places. In a relaxed manner, they each recount a story from their childhood. Simultaneously presented with two separate images, two voices, and two sets of subtitles, viewers will start to notice subtle differences in the two accounts. However, focusing on one woman necessarily involves neglecting the other,and in time viewers grasp on the story's finer details will grow as confused as the twins memories themselves. This is a film in which 'difference'is experienced on a number of levels, including those of time, the subtitles and the speaker.



text/ 第15回文化庁メディア芸術祭、カタログより抜粋




text from the catalog of 2011(15th) Japan Media Arts Festival

2 images highlighting human memory & perception gaps

From the simple display of dual-screen images emerge the elements of similarity and difference that pervade this work. The film presents close-ups of twin women with identical facial features. Both reflect on how they ended up with "plain voices," discussing a shared childhood memory that differs slightly in the way each tells it. Through these memories of the incident, the gap between them is gradually revealed. The women's softly spoken Portuguese has been translated and accompanies the dual images as subtitles. Trying to follow one means losing the other, and it is impossible to understand both simultaneously. Rather than reflect reality, memory grows more ambiguous with the passage of time. This film incorporates many layers of difference: the admissions of the twins, the spoken word and written text, native language and translation. Are we capable of sharing an understanding of the past? Quietly smoking out both the potential and the impossibility, this work's delicate and intellectual approach is striking.